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Notes from Dave Doeren's National Signing Day press conference

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Dave Doeren met with the media yesterday afternoon for a lengthy discussion/Q&A session about NC State's 2015 recruiting class. If you missed it, the audio and some of his remarks are here. Before taking questions, he spent time talking about every single player the Pack added this recruiting cycle, including the walk-ons.

Pack Pride has a transcript of his comments about the recruits on the offensive side of the ball. In some cases, he offered insight into his staff's recruiting pitch, like this one for Nyheim Hines:

I think he is a very versatile young man. He is a punt returner, kick returner, running back and a receiver. He also plays the Wildcat for them when they get into that package.

He has five lottery tickets on our team.

I think that is a great way to look at why he wanted to come here and why we wanted him. I think he can fill a lot of needs on our football team

Some scattered thoughts/notes after listening to Doeren talk yesterday:

-- The staff's emphasis on in-state players was really evident in the way Doeren talked, and it was clear that they played the proximity card as much as they could. Doeren mentioned that he asked Darian Roseboro how many friends/family come to his games, and Roseboro told him about 30. Doeren reminded Roseboro it would be a lot tougher for those folks if he left the state for, oh, let's say ... Michigan.

-- Doeren said that Eurndraus Bryant weighed 360 (!) pounds when he was on campus for a visit and that they'll get him down to 330. "Big E" indeed. Also, he played baseball in high school.

Mo Vaughn wishes he looked that good!


Eat your heart out, Paul Johnson!

-- Doeren said he liked the fact that longsnapper Duncan Musselwhite also played linebacker in high school, so he's used to making tackles. I also like this fact, coach.

-- Doeren, re: McGirt/UNC: "We just never felt like it was the right fit for him and got him to come to his senses."

-- Doeren on Jakobi Meyers:

He has a strong arm, and is very athletic. I think he is one of the biggest steals in the country. He just didn’t play a lot of football. He jumped in from baseball his junior year, he has got two younger brothers that are really good football players.

Florida's late interest lends credence to his enthusiasm here.

-- Doeren on Sessoms:

In our camp, when he came last summer, his first time was a 4.18 and everyone kind of looked at each other like “No way.” He ran it again and ran a 4.21, he ran again and ran a 4.23, and then he ran it again and had a 4.28. So, he had four times under 4.3 in our camp.