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NC State lands two-star offensive lineman Bryce Folsom

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The latest addition to NC State's 2016 recruiting class came on Thursday, when Georgia lineman Bryce Folsom committed to the Wolfpack. Folsom recently visited Raleigh, and that was apparently the tipping point for him.

He is listed as a defensive end or DT or OL depending on which recruiting website you're lookin' at, but he's being recruited as an offensive lineman, according to Pack Pride.

Folsom is a consensus two-star player and doesn't have a lot of Power 5 offers at this point--Syracuse and NCSU are the only two listed. At 6'4 and somewhere in the 250-265 pound range (again, the recruiting sites vary on these things), it's obvious why he's listed at various positions; he could project into a number of spots, especially once he gets into a college strength and conditioning program.

Folsom is the ninth member of NC State's 2016 class, which so far is heavy (ha ha) on linemen.