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Top 2018 placekicker Chris Dunn commits to NC State

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Florida State v North Carolina State Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The basketball program stole the headlines Friday, but the football team also picked up a commitment. North Davidson (NC) High School rising junior placekicker Chris Dunn announced his decision to attend NC State. Dunn is considered one of the best at his position in the 2018 class.

According to Chris Sailer, who is something of an authority when it comes to prep kickers, Dunn is the best PK in the 2018 class. Sailer, who operates camps for high school kickers, had this to say about Dunn:

Chris is an outstanding kicker. He has a strong leg and kicks with excellent technique and consistency. Field goals are smooth and accurate off the ground. He gets great height on his ball. A fierce competitor that does his best under pressure. Kickoffs are strong and consistent. Also a very capable punter. One of the most determined competitors we have every had. Chris kicks with extreme confidence. A great looking athlete with a bright future. Chris is a pleasure to work with. He will be a scholarship pick in this class without a doubt. Big time prospect.

His season-long in 2015 was a 47-yarder, but it looks like he’s already capable of making field goals well over 50 yards. He’s also got pretty good distance on kickoffs, but appears more inconsistent in that area. (Remember this kid has two years of high school left.)

If you like highlights of field goals, today is your lucky day, friend! Knock yourself out: