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How NC State stacks up other ACC schools in football recruiting, position by position

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 03 Florida State at NC State Photo by Michael Berg/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Below is an interesting breakdown of recruiting success by position group in the ACC. This chart, which was put together by this fine gentleman here, compares the average 247 prospect rating for the players currently on each ACC roster.

(Pretty good visualization of why Larry Fedora is out of a job, ain’t it. And why Georgia Tech finally moved on from the triple option.)

NC State’s roster stacks up pretty well overall and does not have any position groups that rank in the bottom third of the league. That’s particularly encouraging considering the youth on the roster—the program should be in good hands as the youths develop into veteran youths.

Clemson, Florida State, and Miami have been landing the lion’s share of blue chip players, which is not going to change—especially not in Clemson’s case—and it’s no surprise to see those three dominate across the board. A simple visualization like this one can be misleading, though—just seeing this you might think, for instance, that FSU is on par with Clemson on the field, and we know that is extremely not the case.