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BTP The Offseason, Day 78: NCAA extends life of dead period

England - Henley-on-Thames - Sleeping regatta spectator Photo by In Pictures Ltd./Corbis via Getty Images

The NCAA has once again extended the recruiting dead period for all sports, this time through the end of July. That means no coaches on the road, no on-campus visits by prospects, no on-campus recruiting events, etc.

The summer usually has key basketball recruiting showcases but this development is likely to have a more substantial impact on football, since, for one thing, it doesn’t look like prospects will be able to take any visits before their seasons resume.

For NC State, June is a significant month because that’s when the program normally holds camps on campus. Those events are great for evaluating prospects and also helping them get familiar with your staff and how you do things—usually we’ll see State pick up a few commitments as a result. But now?

Every staff in the country is stuck with the challenge of trying to evaluate players from a distance, but as I’ve mentioned before, the challenges are a bit steeper for a program with so many new coaches.

Might be a strange summer ahead.


Hey, man, when you gotta nap, you gotta nap.

A man rests on a stretch of grass, his face shielded from a bright sky beneath a camping stool during a particularly hot afternoon at the Henley Royal Regatta boat races, England. Wearing shorts, sandals and the quintessentially English socks, the man sleeps soundly while on the river, high-society, serious rowing and general clowning around on the rural Thames make for a busy and tiring afternoon.