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Cullen Homolka hired as NC State's new director of player personnel

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Cullen Homolka, who spent this past season as a high school head coach in Ohio, will be the next director of player personnel at NC State. Homolka worked as a graduate assistant on Dave Doeren's staff at Northern Illinois in 2012.

Homolka will be filling the role of Drew Hughes, who was here only nine months but became an ACC legend anyway for his infamous WHAT UP BIG TIME recruiting letters. Hoo boy, it's gettin' a little dusty in here just thinkin' about how we're going to need a whole new set of recruiting equations. WHAT DOES EQUAL EVEN EQUAL ANYMORE?

Hughes accepted a job at Florida earlier this month. He'd been at Central Florida prior to accepting a gig in Raleigh.

What does a director of player personnel do, anyway? I was never really sure myself; I knew colorful letters were involved, but beyond that it was hard to tell. Here's a good description from the UF release on Hughes:

At N.C. State, Hughes was in charge of all operational aspects of recruiting, including all on-campus visits, official visits, unofficial visits, junior day and mailing recruits among other responsibilities.