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College football recruiting is getting hairier

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

A new trend within recruiting recently became a discussion topic in the comments here, and it's worth highlighting. When schools are hosting recruits at games, there are a lot of ways to make a significant impression. It helps if the team wins and people are loud and happy, but are those always the biggest factors? Heck no. When offensive lineman Will Richardson was at Carter-Finley a while ago, an anonymous legend emerged to ultimately swing him to NC State.

"One of the first college games I went to was at State and it was so loud," Richardson said. "I was with (Cummings teammate) Cody (Perdue) and there was this guy we were calling ‘Wolfback’ because he had a hairy back … it was just a really good experience."

The Wolfback bump: very important. But there is also a risk inherent in this particular strategy. If you possess this talent, you might be inclined to show off the extent of your follicular prowess by going shirtless. No one could blame you. Might be too much, too soon, though.

Really it just depends on the player, which is why you should subscribe to recruiting websites and read their scouting reports. Back hair is obviously the future of recruiting, so the issue is not that you're on board--of course you're on board--but that you properly calibrate.