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Boston College 30, NC State 14: Eagles hand Wolfpack its third straight loss

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Dave Doeren's quest for a conference win as head coach at NC State will roll on for at least one more week. (Who am I kidding, this baby's rollin' on through next weekend as well.) The Wolfpack were outclassed at home by Boston College and mounted zero in the way of a rally after falling behind in the second quarter. The result was a discouraging 30-14 defeat.

State's day started off reasonably well--the defense wasn't doing anything to slow down Tyler Murphy and BC, but the offense was at least keeping pace, getting into the end zone on each of its first two drives. From there it was all Boston College. The Eagles were able to make adjustments that worked, while NC State looked completely out of ideas.

State abandoned the ground game perplexingly early, and that fact combined with Tony Creecy getting his usual early action meant that Shadrach Thornton was barely heard from. That is unacceptable. Thornton getting 15 touches or whatever doesn't turn the game around necessarily, but only getting your best back four carries is flat out negligent, shitty coaching.

And as the Pack shifted to more pass-heavy possessions, Boston College's defense countered with a lot of aggressive looks. When State would go empty, BC usually would bring extra guys, and it usually blew the play up because Matt Canada couldn't seem to figure out a single damn thing to do about it.

It wasn't his best day. Of course, there were also things like this sinking the ship... (hat tip to BCI)

Jacoby Brissett does some real weird stuff on occasion, this being his piece de resistance for 2014. The play sums up how broken the offense looked in the second half better than I could with words here. You know the vibe you get sometimes when a game is not out of reach but nonetheless feels finished? It hit me fully after Brissett's third-quarter interception and never faded. The lights were on but nobody was home.

I'm not sure what that means for the team at this point in the season. Obviously they've grown used to losing ACC games, and what we definitely are not getting signs of a group responding well to setbacks. Gonna be an interesting week of practice, I'd imagine.