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NC State vs. Louisville odds: Wolfpack opens as 14.5-point underdog

Tyler Smith

For the third time in four weeks, NC State is heading into a game as a multi-score underdog. Vegas expects Louisville to beat the Wolfpack with ease even though the Cardinals have been decidedly bleh offensively ... which goes to show how State is being viewed right now (and just how good Louisville's defense has been).

That defense hasn't allowed more than 23 points in a game this season, while limiting opponents to an average of 3.7 yards per play. The Cardinals have allowed a total of 422 rushing yards in seven games, and Wake Forest actually averaged -1 yard per carry against UL. (Yet the Deacs somehow managed to hold a lead well into the second half because college football never makes sense.)

So the whole State offense vs. Louisville defense side of the affair is lookin' rather lopsided in the Cards' favor. Doesn't help that the Pack's offense has been stumbling--or simply has been exposed--over the last couple weeks.

Hmm, none of that was optimistic. Do you guys know where I last put the optimism? I'm guessing it's wherever the hell my sunglasses are. Possibly on the moon somehow; that seems unlikely but with me there's no tellin'. I really got to start putting these things in a fanny pack for safe keeping.