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Bo Hines returns to practice, will play against Louisville

Lance King

Bo Hines suffered an ankle injury against Boston College that forced him to miss the second half of that game and most of practice this week. Hines, the team's leading receiver, was back practicing on Thursday, though, and Dave Doeren said afterward that Hines will play against Louisville.

Doeren said Hines is "back to normal" after resting a few days and "looked great" on Thursday, which is excellent news given that NC State is going to be without JuMichael Ramos and Johnathan Alston, who are sitting because they done did some shootin'. (Why can't you guys just play Nintendo and ride bikes like normal kids, huh?!)

If NC State's offense is to get back to producing anything other than unfiltered sadness, it's probably going to need a solid game from Hines since he's the only wide receiver averaging more than three receptions per game. Or we could just say to hell with throwing the ball and run for 400 yards. That's fine as well.