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Dave Doeren is right, the voodoo stuff isn't working, y'all

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

If you thought you were going to get a Saturday free from sports-related obligation just because NC State isn't playing, well then you were wrong, bub. And I'm afraid it involves your voodoo shrine. All of our voodoo shrines. In a brief discussion of NC State Sheeeeeit on Wednesday, Dave Doeren suggested it's time for us to make changes.

On NC State getting some bad breaks in games...
Light some candles this weekend everybody and sell your voodoo charms and all the ricochet bounces that are going to the other team, the bad things, they're all gone now. Okay.

We are going to come back. There is a lot of good things happening. We just need things to roll our way.

We got beat on a slant three or four times, we finally stopped it and broke it up without a P.I., and the ball bounced to another receiver. Those kinds of things happen.

(The play Doeren is describing can be seen here in case you missed it. Louisville is calling the play the slant-thud-and-lateral; it's already catching on at the high school level. That bounce was the difference between Louisville punting and Louisville putting up three more points, but such is this NC State life.)

Doeren is right, I'm afraid. Our laudable work in voodoo has run its course.

Our shrine rooms simply aren't going to look the same without the voodoo shrines present to define the mood of the spaces, so we're going to have to find an alternate use for that part of our homes. Like, fine, I guess the newborn and her crib can come down from the unfinished attic and use the room as a nursery or whatever. Ridiculous thing to have in a house if you ask me.

I'm not sure what all of us were thinking, anyhow, with this voodoo business. I suppose with enough training and the proper conditions we could have gotten it under control and properly channeled, but in hindsight I think we made a mistake in taking on this endeavor. We had the right idea but cut too many corners in our lust for the ability to affect the college football universe in a meaningful way.

So let's go back to the drawing board. Anybody know a good shaman?