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Syracuse injury report includes a lot of starters

Brett Carlsen

Syracuse released an injury report on Thursday evening that paints a rather ugly picture for the Orange heading into the weekend. As John mentioned in the Q&A yesterday, injuries have hurt Syracuse's development as a team in 2014, but I didn't really grasp the extent of the problem until seeing this:

That list includes four offensive starters who've been ruled out--Hunt, of course, as well as WR Brisly Estime, WR Ashton Broyld, and OT Ivan Foy. (Not sure why Broyld is listed as questionable since he was ruled out by Scott Shafer earlier in the day.)

Additionally, the Orange are likely to be without guard Nick Robinson and may not have guard Rob Trudo, which would leave them short three offensive linemen. That seems like a frightening proposition, even if NC State's defensive front hasn't been more than average this season.

Broyld led the team in receiving last year with 452 yards on 52 receptions, but has been limited to five games in 2014 and has only 15 catches. Estime, who also has played in just five games, is seventh on the team with 10 receptions, though he does have one of the team's four receiving scores.