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NC State opens as 12-point favorite over Wake Forest

Streeter Lecka

NC State is heading into its final home game as a heavy favorite over an ACC opponent, which seems like an odd thing to say given the state of the program, at least until you remember that the opponent in question is Wake Forest. The Wolfpack opened as 12-point favorites, with the early action pushing lines to State -13.5 at some sportsbooks.

Wake Forest is winless in conference play this season and appears headed for an 0-8 finish, and there'd be no bad luck involved in that result--the Deacs are just that bad. Dave Clawson in his first year has had to endure a lot of the same agonies Dave Doeren did in 2013. If anything, what Clawson's had to deal with is worse; for example, the Deacs have 283 rushing yards this season. I did not make that up, you go right ahead on and check it. Two eighty-three. On 282 carries.

But at the same time, if this NC State team has taught us anything, it is not to trust this NC State team. I can't wait to see what happens! State should be a double-digit favorite, and it'd be nice to have a comfortable ride to bowl eligibility on Saturday, but would anybody be surprised if this game ended up far closer than the spread suggests?