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Updated 2014 bowl projections: Detroit or Shreveport in NC State's future?

Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

In Week 12, NC State became the eighth ACC team to reach the six-win mark and bowl eligibility, joining Florida State, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Miami, Duke, Louisville, and Boston College. Both Wake Forest and Syracuse are headed for losing seasons and will be home for the holidays, while the league's other four teams can still reach six wins.

With a six-win Wolfpack team well down the pecking order in selections (and rightfully so), State is likely headed to one of the league's second-tier bowl games. The good news there is it means that a trip to El Paso for the Sun Bowl is not possible, since the Sun Bowl is actually one of the league's tier-one games.

The bad news is that both Shreveport and Detroit will be on the board as potential landing spots, along with, perhaps, some undesirable spot outside of the ACC's tie-ins. That'll depend on how the last couple weeks shake out across the country and which leagues end up with a shortage of bowl-eligible teams.

Here are updated projections for the Wolfpack, as of Sunday afternoon:

Source Projected Bowl Projected Opponent
Brant Parsons (Orlando Sentinel) Quick Lane (Detroit, MI; Dec. 26) Penn State
Patrick Stevens ( Independence (Shreveport, LA; Dec. 27) [no pick]
Jerry Palm (CBS) Quick Lane (Detroit, MI; Dec. 26) Ohio
Mark Schlabach (ESPN) Military (Annapolis, MD; Dec. 27) Cincinnati
Jason Kirk (SBN) Independence (Shreveport, LA; Dec. 27)
Brett McMurphy (ESPN) Bitcoin (St. Petersburg, FL; Dec. 26)