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Watch the highlights from NC State's big road win over Syracuse

These highlights, courtesy of the ACC Digital Network, don't bother to show any of Nik Sade's field goals, which is fine, but some Wil Baumann punting totally should have been a part of this reel. I'm only partially joking when I say that. I don't know that he's had a better game.

The defense was also strong, limiting Syracuse's rushing attack to under 40 yards. While the heap of injuries up front for Syracuse no doubt played a role in their inability to run, the Pack's front deserves plenty of credit for what was a breakthrough effort statistically.

And then of course there was Pharoah McKever, who had the unexpected opportunity to reprise his old role as wide receiver. It had been a while since an NC State player took an interception back for a score.

Incidentally, that BC game was also the last time State beat an ACC team prior to the win over Syracuse on Saturday.

A victory in which the defense and special teams carried the day. I pictured NC State beating Syracuse, but not like that. Nobody pictured it like that.