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Hakim Jones thinks a lot of Marquise Williams, also thinks Marquise Williams is soft

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Rivalry week! [sound of trumpets blaring] Welcome to rivalry week. [more trumpets]

Hakim Jones took it upon himself Monday to get the festivities started in earnest, as any true upperclassman leader should. When asked about North Carolina quarterback Marquise Williams--who, by the way, has been very good in ACC games--Jones started out innocently enough but  then shifted to a criticism of Williams and his unwillingness to take hits:

"I think a lot of him. I've seen him play a lot actually, between watching film, watching him live, and in the Duke game. He's very hesitant for the most part because he runs the ball a lot. After you hit him a few times he basically almost quits because he doesn't like to get hit, although he runs the ball a lot in the game. Once you hit him a few times he's going to hesitate going to the hole. He's going to start thinking of other options."

That doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me but ah the hell with it, let's do this! Toss those insults about, men!

We're gonna show these clowns what time it is every day this week until they are so overloaded with rage that they lose all focus. This strategy worked time and again for Tom O'Brien while he was in Raleigh and surely can work again. Jones needs to work on the actual shot being fired, though. Generally we would like to see something more subtly cutting than "he doesn't like to get hit."

But it's only Monday.