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Updated NC State bowl projections: The heck is a Bitcoin anyway?

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Don't look now, everybody, but the Bitcoin Bowl is trending its way into the mix! Some of you should be happy about that. There was some movement in the projections even though the Wolfpack had the week off, but generally the options look to be what we've come to expect: Detroit, Shreveport, Annapolis, or (now) St. Pete.

I think NC State can enter the conversation for the Belk Bowl if it can beat North Carolina this weekend, but we might need a Duke loss to Wake in order to make that a realistic possibility. Hey, it could happen. Wake is coming off a two-OT thriller against Virginia Tech (just leave it at that; do not attempt to find additional info about the game) while Duke had cold reality plastered and spray painted all up in its general situation by UNC last week.

The winner of this week's OH SWEET JESUS NO award for most doomsdayish pick for State goes to Phil Steele, who has the Wolfpack in Annapolis up against East Carolina. If this happens, just, like, DUDE, you know? I am sure Shane Carden would love to go out by throwing for eight bazillion yards against the Pack and there's a good chance he would. I don't need that kind of result marinating all offseason, y'all. Super do not need it.

Source Projected Bowl Projected Opponent
Brant Parsons (Orlando Sentinel) Independence (Shreveport, LA; Dec. 27) Arkansas
Patrick Stevens ( Military (Annapolis, MD; Dec. 27) [no pick]
Jerry Palm (CBS) Bitcoin (St. Petersburg, FL; Dec. 26) UCF
Mark Schlabach (ESPN) Bitcoin (St. Petersburg, FL; Dec. 26) UCF
Jason Kirk (SBN) Independence (Shreveport, LA; Dec. 27)
Brett McMurphy (ESPN) Quick Lane (Detroit, MI; Dec. 26) Michigan
Bill Bender (Sporting News) Quick Lane (Detroit, MI; Dec. 26) Northwestern
Phil Steele Military (Annapolis, MD; Dec. 27) ECU
College Football News Quick Lane (Detroit, MI; Dec. 26) Iowa