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NC State band members head to Chapel Hill to pester UNC students

Craig Jones/Getty Images

One of my favorite parts of the State-Carolina football rivalry is the Pack band's regular field trip to Chapel Hill just to, you know, give UNC students a refresher on State's fight song. When band members hit the Heels with some tunes a couple years back, the reactions were priceless (and rated R in several cases).

They were back at it on Tuesday night, judging some of the comments that hit my NC State feed. The UNC students managed to keep everything family friendly this time, at least. Maybe getting a couple wins in the series takes some of the edge off.

I think "trying to be relevant and what not" should be NC State's next marketing slogan. Make the commercials real loud, with a guy screaming "TRYING TO BE RELEVANT" into the camera at least once every seven seconds. It opens with a shot of a research lab somewhere, and in steps our guy, who notes "NC State is in the lab, TRYING TO BE RELEVANT" And then fireworks go off. And so on and so forth.

I can't believe I don't get paid for this kind of stuff.

Anyway, a tip of the cap once again to the Power Sound for more great work. Stay relevant out there, folks.