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NC State dominates the Tar Heels in Chapel Hill, 35-7

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

NC State controlled the entire game in Chapel Hill on Saturday, just as we all knew they would, am I right. The Wolfpack scored on its first offensive possession on the strength of Jacoby Brissett's legs, which would be a sign of things to come. By the fourth quarter, UNC's defense had been ground to a fine dust by State's rushing onslaught, its will to live or tackle long gone, and State had an easy 35-7 victory.

Brissett's scrambling ability set an early tone and it was obvious what the Pack wanted to do: run the damn ball as often as UNC would accommodate it. Which turned out to be often. Brissett was over 100 yards by halftime, as was Shadrach Thornton.

Carolina's defense was overwhelmed, and when State did bother to throw the ball, it got three super easy touchdowns on goal line plays. Receivers were not even picked up. State did such a fantastic job of staying on schedule that Carolina's defense was often put in guessing-game situations. State had a lot of short-yardage opportunities with which to convert third downs, and it took full advantage.

The Heels' offense, meanwhile, was buried under constant pressure from NC State's defensive line, which had a heck of a day. Thomas Teal and T.Y. McGill made their presences known on multiple occasions. The Pack had the edge in energy on both sides but it was especially apparent defensively, as Marquise Williams was hit hard over and over until finally he was knocked out of the game.

I mean ... what is there to say. This was a dream scenario that played out for the Wolfpack today. And it would have taken a pretty damned wild dream to come up with something approximating it. Fantastic job all around. No turnovers. Great work by both lines. Secondary hit hard, made tackles. Brissett made good decisions even if that was rarely necessary.

This is awesome. Heels had it handed to 'em today. One run down their throats at a time. Did I mention this is awesome?