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Welcome to the schadenfreude zone, where big things are happening on all of our farms

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

You know what pairs great with victory? Schadenfreude. Perfect complement. Some weeks, though, it reaches another level. Because y'all know exactly how UNC fans respond whenever they lose this game. Can set your watch to it. The butthurt extends for miles. If you were to look to the horizon and squint, you'd see a man screaming about admission standards or somesuch whatnot. Any direction. Look wherever. He's there.

He's also on Twitter. So let's see how the neighbors took today's developments this time around! Below I've included only a sample.

My favorite might be the guy who has to let the ACC Digital Network account know his feelings. Also the one about how State's win is "the biggest thing to happen on their farm." See that's insulting because we have a lot of exciting things going on at our farms. The right people know this, of course.