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NC State vs. UNC game highlights: All these easy TDs and it's not even my birthday

(Video via @theACCDN; highlights start 30 seconds in)

So much of what NC State did against North Carolina looks so easy, it's still amazing to me. Carolina was barely there. It was like State was taking advantage of broken defensive call after broken defensive call. Quarterback draws became easy money. Quarterback draws! What a world.

Jacoby Brissett's 167 yards on the ground leave him two yards shy of 500 for the season, but he'll get there in the postseason (I mean, unless he is sacked a bunch). That's the highest single-season rushing total for an NC State quarterback in a long time--Russell Wilson never managed more than 422 in a year, and I'd imagine you have to go back a ways before him to find the next realistic candidate.

That long third-down run is a thing of beauty. /wipes away tear

I think we should start rushing for 300+ every week from here on. Pretty fun way to win.