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Georgia Tech has an up-tempo version of its offense, and that should be against the law

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

An interesting note from Paul Johnson's press conference this week: the Yellow Jackets could potentially add a new component to their offense if Johnson decides it's finally time to do it. Georgia Tech has practiced a hurry-up version of its offense since the spring:

The offense is still practicing up-tempo pace in practice weekly. The team had been working on it since spring practice, and it had been a much anticipated wrinkle, but the Jackets have yet to use it in a game.

"We could run it this week," he said. "Maybe we will. The way the team has unfolded, it was in our best interest not to be up-tempo on offense."

Definitely curious now to see what this would look like and how well it'd work in a game environment, because the way I picture it in my head, it's terrifying. Snap, run, get set. Snap, run, get set. The defense cracks under the additional pressure and blows more assignments than it normally would. Yellow Jacket running backs in the open field getting easy touchdowns. An NC State coaching staff sobbing tears of resignation.

It'd be typical misfortune for NC State if the Jackets decided this Saturday to go ahead with a trial of their speed offense. Like we ain't got enough to worry about with that offense already. Paul Johnson should not be allowed to think of new things. As far as I'm concerned, he has enough things.