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NC State football shows off additional uniform combinations

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

NC State has 27 different uniform combinations it could use for any given game, and we've only seen a small slice of them in 2014. Fortunately, the athletics department put together this page, which shows us (and recruits!) what some of the yet-to-be-seen combos would look like on the field. (Hat tip to Ryan Tice for the link.)

This combination might be my favorite out of everything, including the team's traditional getups:


(Photo: NC State athletics)

The overall impression I got from looking at all of them: NC State needs to use the "Pack in Black" stuff more often, whether it's the helmets, jerseys, or the pants. State's going with all red against Georgia Tech on Saturday, but I'm holding out hope that we'll see some more of the black before the year is out. (The UNC game would be a nice time to do it for recruiting and whatnot.)

Which of these combos would you guys like to see the Pack wearing?