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Georgia Tech vs. NC State: A brief recap of the weirdness

Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

Did the game today feel weird to you? I mean, not the losing part--of course that didn't feel weird--but the parts along the way to losing? Because it was all mighty strange. We saw NC State hold the ball for the first 11 minutes of the second quarter and run a ton of plays during the first half, leading to lopsided statistical splits between State and Tech...

Then in the second half we saw State come out and, uh...

Possession time officially was 5:19 for the second half, not even half of State's time of possession in the second quarter. Five minutes! Seriously, how do you even do that. How can a college football game go from one ridiculous extreme to another like this? Which all-powerful football god has been toying with our universe again?

I don't know, and honestly, it's probably best that I never know. Following NC State football through its ups and downs is perilous enough as it is.