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The top 10 plays of the 2014 NC State football season

All right, y'all, this list from the athletics department needs some help. There's a sack in here that seems to have only made the list because it came against UNC. And while I understand why they included Nik Sade's record-breaking kick, obviously an extra point ain't a dang play of the year.

Some of these are no-doubt selections--you can probably guess what No. 1 and No. 2 are--but we can make a lot of improvements the rest of the way through. Here's one shot at it:

1.) Jacoby Brissett eluding two sacks, throwing for a TD against FSU.

There is some distance between one and two ...



2.) Pharoah McKever's pick-six
3.) Marquez Valdes-Scantling's TD grab against Presbyterian
4.) Air Jacoby Brissett TD vs. GT
5.) Bryan Underwood's reverse/teleportation TD against Wake Forest
6.) Shadrach Thornton TD vs. Cuse (broken ankles sonnnnnnnnnn) Seriously Shad destroyed that man and his entire family.
7.) Jacoby Brissett to Matt Dayes for TD vs. Presbyterian
8.) Matt Dayes' game-winning TD reception against Georgia Southern
9.) Jerod Fernandez's 2nd pick vs. FSU
10.) Shad's run out of the POWER DRIVE formation vs. UNC.


Brissett to Grinnage for 45 yds vs. FSU
Brissett to Grinnage for 21-yd TD vs. L'ville
Ankles breaking pt. 2

What else is missing?