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Bitcoin Bowl highlights: Thornton-to-Samuels worked ... somehow

The Shadrach Thornton touchdown pass play to Jaylen Samuels gets more ridiculous the more I watch it. UCF wasn't fooled even though State hasn't thrown out of that formation, and they were 0.00003 seconds from blowing up the play entirely. The Knights at least should have gotten an incomplete pass out of it.

Instead Thornton is able to recognize the pressure fast enough to get a throw off--and a damn fine one under the circumstances. He barely had time to get the ball gripped properly (better angle of that here) and heave the thing in Samuels' general direction. Sometimes everything works out best when you don't have time to think about what you're doing, though. This is my only explanation for the accuracy of that throw.

And then Samuels makes that grab while fighting off a defensive back. We are gonna have to make some adjustments to the top 10 plays of the year list.

Crazy, man.