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Greenville mayor has bones to pick with N&O's musings on mythical state title

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Did NC State have the best football team in North Carolina this year? Maybe. Probably not, but maybe. Alas we cannot be certain about which school is truly most deserving of the mythical state title in 2014. NC State didn't play Duke or East Carolina or App State or your cousin's super rad flag football team. These scheduling holes abound. We are left to speculate.

So I don't think this is an unfair (#)statement on the subject from the N&O's Joe Giglio:

After the results of the bowl games, and in light of East Carolina's collapse over the second half of the season, the Wolfpack has every right to claim this year's mythical state title.


Here's the text of that comment from Allen Thomas

Comical article Giglioo. Nc state finished 3-5 in the conference and would not have even qualified for a bowl without 3 games against basically Division 2 teams. Football is a game of matchups. Strengths vs weaknesses. A UNC team which beat ACC division champion Georgia Tech gets to torched for 70 by ECU and loses to NCState. Virginia Tech beats national #3 Ohio State loses at home to ECU. Falls to Wake Forest yet beats Cincinnati in it's bowl game. State beat UNC (after their emotional and physicial win 6 earlier over their rival Duke) and UCF by 1 touchdown which stole a win over ECU earlier on a miracle play from 60 yds and no time on the clock. So what? The last time these teams played 12 months ago ECU embarassed Nc State on it's home field. ECU had nearily as many wins in the ACC this year than Nc State's entire schedule in the ACC and is a combined 4-1 against the ACC in the past 24 months which "is" a better record against the ACC than NCState in its own conference during the same time period. -----The bottomline, to even write this article is comical but not surprising for Giglioo who specializes in mythical triumphs and fairytales as chronic apologist for the now defunct BCS system. Championships are won on the field---not in fairytales. While Debbie Yow squirms and wiggles to try and run from playing the Pirates you hear no one running and hiding in the other side of the equation.
I can promise you, the Pirates would be glad----to meet the Pack January 10th at the nearest high school field of your choice--- halfway between Greenville and Raleigh to settle it in the field.

Classic Angry Guy On The Internet. Seen him a lot. Been him on too many occasions. Except this Angry Guy is the mayor of Greenville, NC. This is mostly just endearing to me, and besides, at least Thomas isn't embarrassing the state nationally on actual real-world issues that are important. It's sports, so go crazy, man. Try not to hurt yourself.

This can only help his future re-election efforts, anyway. Solid political move if you ask me. Who goes to the mat for Greenville? Who defends that fine town, its great people, its pretty good football team? Allen Thomas, that's who.

I'd run out of a smoke-filled eighth-of-a-pirate-ship for this man.