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The 2014 ACC bowl selection show: Let's see where NC State's goin'

Where, oh where, is NC State's destination gonna be?

With the Citrus Bowl staying in Big Ten hands and altering the ACC bowl picture a bit, does NC State get a Tier 1 bowl game or does it slide down to the Tier II games? That is the suspense for the Wolfpack this evening, and we'll get an answer at 5:30 p.m. ET when the ACC selection show starts. You can watch the feed above.

And don't worry about State somehow being left without a bowl bid, guys. Just as Louisville's slide back into Tier 1 is bumping a school down to Tier 2, that school is bumping one team from the Tier 2 group. It's the 6-6 teams that are gonna have the problem, if there is one. But I suspect the Ninja Swoff will have all of his teams taken care of this evening.

The Swoff gonna find a way to fit everybody somewhere. Even if it takes whatever shady dealings landed Mississippi State ahead of Michigan State in the top 25.