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Red tops White in NC State spring game, 34-0

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

The first-stringers dominated the NC State spring game on Saturday afternoon, led by Jacoby Brissett's 365 passing yards. Brissett connected with esteemed home run hitter Bryan Underwood for a pair of scores and completed almost 65% of his attempts, though he did throw one interception.

Underwood finished with 112 yards receiving, but the bigger story in the days to come will undoubtedly be true freshman Bo Hines, who had a game-high 132 yards on 10 receptions. The coaches have been talking up his performance during spring ball, and it appears he justified all the praise.

The running game was pretty much non-existent for both sides--hey, what else is new, right?--but after all the unpleasantness we had to endure last year, I'm fine with focusing on the positives right now. The first-team offense averaged more than six yards per play, while the first-team defense limited the second-string offense to a mere 1.6 yards per play.

The White squad's offensive performance is best left ignored, but the White defense did have its bright spots. Redshirt freshman Jerod Fernandez finished with a game-high 11 tackles, while freshman safety Germaine Pratt had the game's lone pick.

If you were at the game and have some thoughts on what you saw, feel free to share 'em in the comments. Now to more important things--speculation about the uniforms! Deonte Holden tweeted this after the game:

That alien-lookin' helmet is the latest attempt at a design to reduce the impact of hits on the brain. How that will pan out is uncertain, but a lot of FBS programs are giving the thing a shot this season, and now we know NC State is one of them.

As far as State's look is concerned, the red facemask suggests that changes are coming (and I sure as hell hope so), which means I'll be dreaming about a dramatic makeover that almost certainly isn't happening.