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NC State schedules home-and-home with Troy


NC State got a bit closer to finishing off its 2015 home schedule with the addition of the Troy Trojans, who will liven things up in the sense that they are not Presbyterian. The home-and-home agreement with Troy that was announced Monday has the Pack making the return trip on Sept. 23, 2017.

The Trojans will be State's home opener on Sept. 5 in 2015, which leaves the question of what to do about the scheduled road trip to South Alabama, which had been slated for that day. NC State also has a road trip to Old Dominion that season, so it seems unlikely that the trip to South Alabama will happen in 2015, assuming it ever happens at all.

In other scheduling news, the home-and-home with LSU is officially died. State was supposed to go to Baton Rouge in 2017 and host the Tigers in 2020, but after the Tigers recently inked a home-and-home with Syracuse that has them hosting the Orange in 2017, something had to give. I am hugely bummed about this, but hey, we got a hundred grand out of it!