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2014 NFL Draft wrap: Dontae Johnson the lone Wolfpack player selected


NC State had only one player selected in the NFL Draft, but Texas had none, so it's been a weird year for a couple of college football superpowers. We're all allowed to have off years every now and again, though. I mean we're constantly reloading and some years, it's just not going to work out the way we'd all like it to. It's tough to reach that Alabama level of consistency, though we aren't far off.

Ahem. As for events back in the real world, Dontae Johnson landed with San Francisco in the fourth round, which isn't a bad place to end up what with all the winning the 49ers have been doing lately. Johnson was recruited by Jim Harbaugh out of high school but opted against Stanford to stay closer to home.

Two undrafted players have signed free agent deals so far: Carlos Gray signed with Green Bay, while Asa Watson signed with New England, where his older brother, Ben, played for six years. (Update: Deylan Buntyn inked with NE as well.)