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NC State unveils new alternate football helmet for 2014

NC State Athletics

Holy crap you guys, look at these fancy alternate helmets that NC State teased on Sunday night:

That tease is limited to the helmet, but I think it's safe to assume it'll come with alternate uniforms as well given the whole "Pack in Black" theme. I'm all for these sorts of changes, as I've probably said here far too many times in the past. My only quibble with the helmet design is those wolf eyes on the back, but otherwise I'm on board with this bad boy and would like to see more alterations in this vein to State's look.

NC State used multiple alternate looks last season, but they were essentially just tweaks on the base helmet design, so this is a logical next step, and I really don't have a point here but it's about danged time they decided to do something mildly modern-looking. Plus it never hurts to have eyes in the back of your head, what for seeing giant linemen coming at you, avoiding tacklers down field, etc.