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NC State football in 2014: Would you go over 5.5 wins, under, or are you still crying?

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Before things can get BETTER, often they must merely get slightly better. We all detest slightly better because it is cold reality, and you cannot hashtag cold reality on Twitter and follow it with 15 exclamation points. Truth of it is, though, State football is simply out to get a little bit better in 2014. There is no other reasonable way to approach the season. Do however much better at football that you can, men, ready okay break.

The oddsmakers like the Pack's chances at winning more games this year, setting an early over/under on State's win total at 5.5. The money line listed there has over 5.5 at -145, which means that six (or more) wins seems more likely than five wins or fewer, in the eyes of these oddsmakers.

It's tough not to take that over considering the non-conference schedule that faces the Wolfpack this year, but then again, if mistakes are made in the first month and they go trudging into league play with FSU, Clemson, and Louisville looming within a span of four games? Might not end so well.