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NC State offensive line coach Mike Uremovich is basically Ron Swanson

Boris Streubel

NC State's been running a video Q&A series with the football coaching staff during the offseason, and the latest installment asked them what's your go-to dish to cook? Most of them ended up mentioning some variety of meat, but offensive line coach Mike Uremovich really distinguished himself with his dedication to all things meat.

Just straight meat, no sides. If you're gonna go through the problem of having the smoker run for 12 hours, I'm not eating dang broccoli or something like that. I'm gonna eat ribs, and the side would be chicken, with a side of sausage.

Sounds like a turf and turf kind of guy, like Ron Swanson.

Obviously we'll have to work on the mustache, but the fundamentals for Coach Uremovich are there. If I can trust anyone to build a decent offensive line at State after so many years of modest results up front, it's a man whose philosophy begins with meat.