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Well hello, T.A.; and sorry, Texas Tech

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

Since there wasn't a proper update to the offseason good vibes series this week because I caught a damned cold last weekend, I figure I owe y'all a quick installment. When I was doing some research a while back, I found out that the 2002 overtime thriller between NC State and Texas Tech is on YouTube. The entire weird, great, weird game.

Remember the Greg-Golden-at-running-back experiment? September 2002. It was a crazy time. It didn't last long, because T.A. McLendon took permanent hold of the running back job by bulldozing Texas Tech that Saturday.

My memory gets fuzzier by the day, but I remember hearing during the preseason that year about some promising freshman who had scored a billion touchdowns in high school. T.A. was as much myth as anything else when that season started, but he wasn't the immediate, obvious starter at the outset.. He also missed a game in the first month because of injury. So we had Greg Golden, two-way player extraordinaire, as the pre-game talking point by the time the Texas Tech game rolled around, and Josh Brown was starting at running back.