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The 'This Is Our State' slogan is dead

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

"This Is Our State," the slogan that launched a thousand Gio Bernard punt return touchdowns, is no more. NC State is transitioning to a new marketing campaign, according to Debbie Yow, who offered no hints about it to The Wolfpacker:

The sports marketing campaign had been "This is our state."

"There is a new campaign. It has not been rolled out. It will be soon. We will roll it out to the staff first, and then shortly thereafter."

Man. Man man man.

Sorry, just had a nostalgic moment thinking about how that slogan opened every State fan up to an added layer of ridicule, because it isn't like we had enough to contend with already. "Heh heh heh this is your state, huh," -- every jerkhole after said jerkhole's team beat NC State in [sport]. I'm all for puns, but I'd prefer we stop short of weaponizing them.

Nothing quite said "Thank you for your donation to the Wolfpack Club; now we are going to shit on you head" like "This Is Our State" being strewn about various highway billboards, its proliferation well beyond anyone's control. Considering the starting point, NC State is probably in pretty good shape with whatever new slogan that's on the way.