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Bryant Shirreffs is transferring to UCo-- hang on, what new system?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Former NC State quarterback/bull-in-China-shop Bryant Shirreffs announced his intent to transfer in June, and he'll be heading to UConn, where playing time is no doubt plentiful. That's nice and all and you know good luck and stuff and HEY WAIT A MINUTE

"Just looking at where the [NC State} program was headed and me personally as a player with the new system being put in place, I felt like I could have better opportunities someplace else, and UConn popped up," Shirreffs said

New system? What new system? I'm confused and also worried that I missed some press release-equivalent bit of offseason scuttlebutt.

I went back to the initial announcement that he'd be transferring and found this:

"A promise had already been made here to start and I don’t really want to wait to play quarterback," Shirreffs said. "I feel enough confidence in myself to be able to believe in myself and play somewhere else."


"It's changing to more of a drop-back style," Shirreffs said. "I can play that, I played that in high school, but as far as my best quarterbacking, it would be in a spread style where I can move around. It's not that I'm unhappy. It's just a tough situation and I think it's best for me. It wasn't an easy decision."

I don't think the staff has ever been unclear about the expectation that Jacoby Brissett would be the guy once he's eligible, so Shirreffs' remarks here are odd given that Brissett had already committed to State when Shirreffs made his college decision. It's possible he wasn't fully aware of the situation until after he enrolled, of course.

Setting the Shirreffs thing aside, the question is how much exactly is changing as the coaches shape the offense around Brissett. I assume the white-flag-raising quick kicks will still come from the shotgun, at least.