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NC State announces football home-and-home with Mississippi State

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

NC State is adding Mississippi State to the football schedule for a home-and-home series that begins in 2020, the school announced Tuesday. Debbie Yow teased the news of a series with an SEC school during her interview with The Wolfpacker last month.

The Pack will host the Bulldogs in September of 2020 and make the return trip the following season. NC State had been set to host LSU in 2020, but with that home-and-home dead, MSU is not a bad way to fill the gap. Unless you hate cowbells. Then it's a horrible, worst-case way to fill that gap.

This should be fun; I just wish it weren't so far off. But that's college football scheduling for you--cross your fingers that the games actually get played (and that you're still alive when they do get played).

In that interview with The Wolfpacker, Yow said there would be significant buyout fees in the series contract, so that's one reason to feel optimistic about these games with the Bulldogs getting played. And by 2020 every SEC and ACC school will be required to have a Power 5 team in its non-conference slate every year, which is additional incentive to make this series happen.