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Important contest announcement: Pick NC State football's win total in 2014

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Dave Doeren is about ready to get crackin' in earnest on year two of his tenure in Raleigh, and with the start of camp a couple weeks away, this much we know already: it's not likely that State can be any worse in 2014; Vegas oddsmakers like the Pack's chances of becoming bowl eligible; these games probably won't help the team reach that goal.

Beyond that, I've heard we can expect several additions to the Fourteen 12 Commandments, all of them p-words. Need a lot more p-words in there. No truth to the rumors that "focused" will be altered to "focus," since "focused" is Doeren's good luck commandment, and that baby delivered like five or seven times in 1,759 total offensive/defensive snaps last season. You don't rock that boat.

Given all that, how many wins do you expect out of the Wolfpack football team this season? This being official prediction business, the person who correctly nails the win total will receive one (1) MS Paint drawing. To gain entry into this contest, you need merely post your prediction in the comments, and for tiebreaking purposes, tell us which p-word should be the first addition to the 14 12 Commandments, and why.

Please remember this is all very serious.