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ACC football preseason media poll: NC State picked to finish fifth in Atlantic Division

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The results from the ACC's preseason media poll are in, and Florida State is the near-unanimous choice to win both the Atlantic Division and the conference title. (Big surprise, huh.) NC State was actually picked to finish ahead of two schools, which suggests people expect the Wolfpack to win a conference game or three this year. Good news!

The full results:


1. Florida State (109 first-place votes)
2. Clemson (3)
3. Louisville
4. Syracuse
5. NC State
6. Boston College
7. Wake Forest


1. Miami (26)
2. Duke (33)
3. Virginia Tech (23)
4. UNC (27)
5. Georgia Tech (1)
6. Pittsburgh (2)
7. Virginia

While the order at the top of the Atlantic was obvious enough, the Coastal is one big bag of shrugs. There really is no tellin' which team is going to emerge from the muck of that division in first place, and isn't that just wonderful for all of them. Meanwhile I just looked at State's early conference schedule and started crying again.