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Dave Doeren, David Cutcliffe show off six packs

David Banks

If you don't happen to follow Twitter on a daily basis, you might have missed that Larry Fedora's abs were a big deal on Monday, and wow I really just wrote that. Anyway, this is what I'm talking about. Good work there, coach.That's a bummer about the beer, though.

On Tuesday, both Dave Doeren and David Cutcliffe had some fun with the whole thing.

I'm certain that photograph led to the following scene at a corporate office somewhere:

[An Anheuser-Busch advertising executive is scrolling through his Twitter feed, lazily leaning back in his chair. He stops suddenly and his eyes widen as he sits bolt upright.]

AD EXEC: Who is this guy? He's dynamite! Jumps so far off the screen that we just shook hands!

[AD EXEC hits button for intercom.]

AD EXEC: Charlene! Charlene. Get me this guy's number, hang on I'm sending the photo, the guy on the left there. And tell Ted downstairs that the clydesdales are as good as glue. They're finished in this town.

Also this happened:

To think that all this time their heads have been on the wrong bodies.