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Jacoby Brissett officially the official starting quarterback

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Dave Doeren said Tuesday that the depth chart would likely be released this week, but he never said it would be released all in one piece. NC State on Wednesday revealed the three-deep at quarterback and both cornerback spots, but the rest is coming later.

Jacoby Brissett is the starting quarterback, which is a position he's unofficially occupied since he arrived on campus last year. He'll initially be backed up by Garrett Leatham, a former walk-on who earned a scholarship this offseason. With luck, true freshman/cannon Jalan McClendon will never be needed on the field in 2014, and for now he's holding the No. 3 spot at QB.

At corner, State has Juston Burris and Jack Tocho with the ones, which I don't think comes as a surprise to anybody. Beyond them, the overall theme of youth is obvious: redshirt sophomore Niles Clark and true freshman Mike Stevens are backing up Tocho, while redshirt sophomore Charlie Twitty and redshirt freshman Malcolm Means are behind Burris. Stevens and Twitty both were converted from the offensive side during the offseason.