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Depth chartin' part three: Offensive line and linebackers

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

The rollout of the depth chart continued Friday with the offensive line and linebackers. A couple of starting spots here are unsettled with eight days (we're almost there you guys!) to go until the first game.

Redshirt freshman Jerod Fernandez will start at middle linebacker now that M.J. Salahuddin is no longer an option, and Fernandez will be backed up by true freshman Airius Moore, who must be a fast learner. Moore was a late addition to State's recruiting class, yoinked away from Indiana. He's beginning to look like an important pickup.

Either Rodman Noel or Brandon Pittman will start alongside Fernandez.

Based on the two-deep at OL, it looks like RG starter Tony Adams is the only true freshman who'll factor into the rotation this season. That ain't a bad thing.

To recap the portions of the depth chart revealed so far: quarterback and corners, defensive line and running back.