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NC State opened as 23-point favorite over Georgia Southern

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Michael Chang

Vegas oddsmakers are apparently far more confident in NC State's matchup with Georgia Southern than most of us are, and I suggest we all take this as a sign that nothing can possibly go wrong on Saturday. The Wolfpack opened at -23, though that line has moved down to a more sane-looking -20.5 since then.

Southern did finish last season just 148th in the Sagarin Ratings (which rank FBS and FCS schools together) despite beating Florida, behind the likes of South Florida and Stony Brook. The Eagles also have a brand new coaching staff and new offensive system.

Still ... three touchdowns ... I dunno, man. The Pack's going to have to show me a few things on the field before I can feel good about a large spread against any team that had a pulse last year. I say this now, but I'm sure that by Friday, Vegas' early assessment of this game and these teams will be all I need.