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Video of Jacoby Brissett's game-winning pass to Matt Dayes

(Hat tip to the ACC Digital Network.)

Nice work here by Matt Dayes, whose subtle hesitation in the flat allowed him to get a step on Georgia Southern defenders and clear the edge for a wide open catch. Dayes was an important part of State's passing game all afternoon, showing off some good hands on the way to six grabs for 70 yards. Only Bo Hines finished with more receptions.

Jacoby Brissett was much more comfortable over the last two quarters, and there's no better example than this play. He hits Dayes in the perfect spot, which is why the play ended up a touchdown rather than just a long completion.

Brissett missed several opportunities down the field in the first half, and he also made one terrible decision that led to an interception. Dude showed a lot of maturity in getting beyond those mistakes to piece together a rally for State in the second half. It's a good early sign for State's prospects on the offensive side.