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NC State unveils black uniforms to be worn against Old Dominion

NC State athletics

NC State teased its alternate black football uniforms by releasing the helmet design during the offseason, and on Sunday evening they revealed the rest of the ensemble. The Wolfpack will wear them for the first time against Old Dominion next Saturday, and I hope that's not the last time.

Here's some footage from the reveal to the team:

And here is the video they were watching.

For an alternate look, it's actually understated. Adidas didn't go full EXTREME ALTERNATE they way they have with some other schools, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The red accents on the shoulder pads are a welcome departure from what we're used to and I'm lookin' forward to seeing these on the field.

The reception back in May to the alternate helmets was mostly positive, and now that you've seen the entire get-up, what say you?