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Shadrach Thornton fully reinstated after serving lengthy offseason suspension

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Shadrach Thornton has made a lot of headlines over the last 12 months for all the wrong reasons, and he's served two separate suspensions from the NC State football in that time. But he's getting another chance from Dave Doeren, which the coach confirmed after practice on Wednesday. Via The Wolfpacker:

Are you happy with where junior running back Shadrach Thornton is and is he back fully?

Yep, Shad is back and he is [back fully]. He met all of the requirements that we set out for him during his suspension. He's now back full status with the football team.

Will he miss any game time?

Shad has served his suspension for six months and had a lot of things he went through to get back. We feel good about what he's done. He's met every expectation on and off the field, academically and everything. We're excited that that is kind of behind him and he can move forward now.

Have to admit I'm surprised he won't miss any game time, but I take it that at minimum this means he met all of the conditions of the plea deal he accepted last August, and that the assault charge from that case is getting dropped. Thornton was arrested in June of 2013 and charged with misdemeanor assault on a female, resulting in his first suspension from the team, and he was held out of State's season-opener against Louisiana Tech.

Thornton was again the center of a potential assault case in December, which is when he was suspended for the second time. Police also caught Thornton and his roommates with marijuana in their apartment, resulting in drug charges that were dropped this spring. No charges came as the result of that second assault investigation.