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NC State a slight favorite to beat South Florida

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Hey now, here's a line you can believe in! NC State opened as a 2.5-point favorite over South Florida, and there's been little movement either way. Likely there is some confusion about the matchup between USF's passing game, which is a sack of poison lined with asbestos, and NC State's defense, which has been kicked and/or prodded with sticks for days and appears not to be moving.

USF's first game against FBS competition came against Maryland last weekend and resulted in 257 total yards of production on 74 snaps (3.5) YPP. Quarterbacks Steven Bench (remember him?) and Mike White managed to complete just 15 of 37 attempts in the game while tossing a pick.

That was not a departure from 2013, when the Bulls threw for 2,002 yards with seven touchdowns and 16 interceptions; they completed 46.5 those attempts and only White was good enough to crack 50.0.

USF head coach Willie Taggart would like to start White this Saturday, except that White suffered a fracture in his non-throwing arm against Maryland. No matter what happens, the situation here is ... not great.

(One quick final note: I want to thank both Will and Austin for keeping the ship afloat while I've spent the better part of a week in the hospital. Those guys have been life savers. (The doctors, too, but mostly Will and Austin.) I've at least reached a point where I can write some stuff, but I am still in said hospital, though I hope not for much longer.)