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USF quarterback Mike White expected to be game-time decision

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

South Florida starting quarterback Mike White has a fractured left forearm (his non-throwing arm), but he's been able to participate in practice with a cast on and might be able to give it a go Saturday, according to Willie Taggart. Safe to say Taggart would really like to avoid starting Steven Bench, who underwhelmed in part-time duty last season and so far in 2014 is doing the same.

Not that White has been noticeably better--he is just 10-of-27 (37%) for 193 yards through 1+ games, though his average of 7.1 yards per attempt is at least bearable (Bench's YPA is 4.6). Both Bench and true freshman Quinton Flowers took reps with the first team offense during the week just in case White is out. Flowers would be burning a potential red shirt to play.

I think we're all wondering by now if it even matters who starts under center for the Bulls given how dreadful it's really since Taggart took the job. They all seem to be equal parts whoops-I-asploded and hey-coach-look-what-I-did-that-was-pretty-good.