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The best thing to do with bad trends is ignore them

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Sure, NC State has had its difficulties in road games this decade. Tom O'Brien's record of futility in road trips within the Atlantic Division is well documented. You name the venue, we've farted out a sorry effort there. These things happen from time to time.

Since 2009, State is 6-18 on the road, and according to the stats compiled by the N&O's Joe Giglio, playing away from home has cost the Wolfpack offense about nine points per game. More penalties and turnovers tend to be committed, and just generally the cruddy football is turned up a notch. This is not quite breaking news--just about every team is going to be worse over the long haul in road games. These numbers do put a fine point on where the hurtin's been happening for NC State, though.

But none of it is predictive, either.


So a lot of the Pack's road stats have been trending in the wrong direction, but do you really want to worry about that? If you worry about that, then you're trending in the wrong direction, and then you are part of the larger wrong-direction trend.

Let's remember instead that none of those figures are a death sentence, that indeed NC State could go out tomorrow and score 50 points and force five turnovers; that frustration is always a possibility but never essential; that South Florida is not good at football; and that sometimes, stuff goes really great because it can, and doggone it, we earned it.

I think the pain meds I was prescribed are doing strange things to me.